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We are always honored to be a part of someone’s tattoo. We strive to make every experience, from scheduling to getting the tattoo, smooth and easy for our clients. For additional assistance and inquiries not answered on our FAQ you can email the shop at or call us directly 410-235-5930 Tuesday through Sunday during business hours. We can field any questions you may have, assist with artist selection, and give you the basics for our shop/artists. All scheduling is conducted over the phone. Prior to calling us to schedule we need you to provide us with the following via email:


Name and phone,number, image(s) attached for reference of the tattoo you want, placement on body, color or black and grey, and approximate size in inches, and any information pertaining to your tattoo we should know.


  • This is my first time getting tattooed at your shop, whats the best way to proceed?"
    We would like to know what you want, where you are looking to place your new tattoo, what your budget is, and what size are you looking to do it. This will help up to determine scheduling if you are open to an artist that will be the best fit for your tattoo design. You can make an appointment for a same day tattoo, if we have the availability, or for a future date. To make an appointment you must leave a deposit. This ensures the artist will be compensated for the care and time they take in designing and preparing for your piece. All deposits are not refundable, but can be held if you need to postpone your appointment, as long as you cancel within the 48 hour time period. If you cancel last minute, no call no show for your appointment, or change your idea concept the deposit will be forfeit.
  • Deposits
    Every appointment requires a non-refundable deposit. When the tattoo is complete that deposit will come off the cost of the tattoo price, or if your piece takes more than one sit, the final appointment. Your deposit will be held indefinitely. You will not lose your deposit unless you no call no show for your appointment, are more than 15 minutes late without calling, change your idea more than 25%, cancel last minute, or decide to not get the tattoo. If you change your concept more than 25% the deposit will stay with that piece of artwork and we will require a new deposit for the additional drawing time of the new piece. If you eventually decide to get that initial piece your first deposit will come off that total. This deposit ensures the artists will be paid for their time. Our only product is our time, service and expertice, and that time is chock full of thousands of hours of experience and love, and labor. Since most of our work is custom, that deposit includes the many hours of reference collection, research, and hand crafting that may go in to creating your individual piece of artwork. We understand that life does throw curve balls and you may need to cancel last minute, but kindly request that you stay in communication with your artist or the shop so we can help you work out your re-scheduling options. Our artists only make an income (and this is their only job) if they are working. Last minute scheduling can be very difficult so if you decide to not come and not tell us your artist just lost that days income. We also understand that at times you may need to transfer artists. If the design stays the same we can easily transfer the deposit to another artist. If it needs to be redrawn, or is another image completely we will need an additional deposit to cover the efforts of the new artists work.
  • Payment
    We accept all major credit cards. Your session balance will be due at the time of your appointment. Please be sure to have the appropriate amount of funds available. No checks. If you choose to add a tip to your payment, the average tipping percentage is around the same amount expected for other service industries 15-20%
  • Arival time for your appointment
    We would ask you to arrive on-time. Please do not be early as we are trying limit the cross contact of everyone's clients, due to the current corona virus conditions. Please text your artist or call the shop and we will let you in to the building. Masks are a requirement and must be worn properly over the nose and mouth during the entire process. Upon entering please head to the back of the shop, to the bathroom, and wash your hands. Do not bring any food or drink with you. We will provide you with bottled water if you are thirsty. You will need your drivers’ license, state identification card, or passport to identify yourself for my legal consent form. Most of our tattooers have multiple appointments in one day and running behind will throw off a lot of people after you! We ask all clients to please call if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late to your appointment.
  • Anything special the night before?
    Be well rested and in the right mind space. Worst thing you can do for yourself on the eve of your appointment is stay up late drinking with the buddies. You will be putting a foreign stress on your body the next day. Eat a good meal and drink plenty of fluids before hand to help put any butterflies at ease. A well rested and fed individual will go through the tattoo process much easier.
  • Not feeling so great?
    You can’t control getting sick but you can control who you get sick. If you’re not feeling well please don’t hesitate to call and reschedule. We would prefer your cooties to stay with you.
  • How bad will it hurt?
    Pain is relative. All tattoos hurt.We do our absolute best to try and keep any undue pain to a minimum. We derive no joy in hurting someone. I will do my best at being as gentle as I can be without sacrificing quality and will do everything we can to help keep you comfortable during the tattoo.
  • What should I wear?
    We ask all clients to practice good hygiene. Please shower with soap, wear clean clothing, and don’t forget to brush your teeth. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Be conscious that sometimes during the tattoo session clothing may need to be removed for work to be done. No need to be embarrassed or shy, our tattoo area allows for privacy during your tattoo. Don’t hesitate to bring a sweatshirt, sweater or even a blanket. Sometimes the work area does get cold and with exposed skin it can definitely help. Be aware that tattoo inks, pigments, and stencils can stain clothing. We will do our best to avoid any spray and splatter but accidents happen. Don’t wear your absolute favorite shirt or pants. Darker colors are normally the best route.
  • Can I bring a friend?
    We understand that some people may need or want to bring a family member or friend to the tattoo session. Most of our artists share a room so to ensure everyone’s comfort, we will allow one guest for moral support! We so appreciate your understanding.
  • I'm under 18 but I have my parent's permission. Can I get tattooed?
    Baltimore City requires every person recieving a tattoo be at least 18 years old. Even if your folks say it's alright we sadly cannot tattoo you. We can however still offer consultations, provide commisioned artwork, and make a future appointment for when you turn 18. Can't wait!
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